Hoop Sizes:
Size Range

To determine what size of hula hoop you should order, you need to consider a few things. 

smallStar Height – How tall are you? This will help you determine what hoop diameter best fits you.

You should also measure from the floor to your belly button. The hoop diameter should measure roughly the same distance. Just above or just below your belly button depending on your build.

The below are averages:
Under 5'2 = 38 inches
5'3 to 5'9 = 40 inches
5'9 and up = 43 inches

smallStar Weight – If you carry extra weight around your midsection, you will want to purchase a larger size hoop. The more space that you have between you and the hoop, the more likely you will insure success when starting out because the hoop therefore rotates slower. I would suggest going larger if you are around 38 inches.

smallStar Skill Level – If you have hooped in the past, you will likely know what type of hoop you want or at least the diameter. I can speak with you and assist you in finding a hoop that I think would match you well.

One more item to factor in is if you are using the hula hoop for waist hooping or if you will be doing some hand hooping. If you plan on doing a significant amount of hand hooping you may wish to go with a smaller hoop. Skinny hoops (1/2 thick) are great for hand hooping and other off body tricks. You can find skinny hoops in all my size ranges as well.